Jul 22, 2011

Rails Hotline


Nice initiative to help the rails community.
Have signed up as a volunteer. Will share my experience soon.

Bushido - Heroku alternative


We need to proved the git-hub URL of the project and the service will take care of the rest. But seems like its still in beta and it has got a long way ahead..

LocomotiveCMS - Better than RefineryCMS

You can play with the demo app @ http://demo.locomotivecms.com/admin
Some features are not enabled in the demo mode.

http://pogodan.com/blog/2011/06/03/we-ve-switched-to-locomotive - blog post on why an organization switched from refinery, adva CMS, etc to LocomotiveCMS.

Things like CSS/JS editiing, custom themes, custom attributes for the CMS pages, custom models, etc are missing in refinery.

You can do everything within the site itself unlike refinery where I had to write lot of ruby code to achieve certain features.

Pivotal Tracker Analytics | GoodData


Pivotal Tracker Analytics allows you to measure your agile development process as easily as Tracker lets you manage your stories.

Here is the youtube video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/V8din03y3e4

Amazon Releases aws-sdk, An Official AWS SDK for Ruby Developers

Ruby is getting popular day by day!!!!

Cool thing is it even supports SimpleDB in the form of ROM

Terminus - Cross browser/platform testing.


Terminus is an experimental Capybara driver implemented in client-side JavaScript. It lets you script your application in any browser on any device, without needing browser plugins. This allows several types of testing to be automated:
- Cross-browser testing
- Multi-browser interaction e.g. messaging apps
- Testing on remote machines, phones, iPads etc

Sugar: A Javascript library for working with native objects.

It is designed to be intuitive, unobtrusive, and let you do more with less code.

It is similar to Prototype in that it adds methods to native Javascript objects. However, it doesn't carry any of the weight of classic browser-oriented frameworks (ajax, DOM manipulation, inheritance, etc.). Sugar is also not interested in adhering to a Ruby based syntax, nor does it have anything to do with Rails. Sugar is Javascript for Javascript developers.

Link: sugarjs.com

Rails development mode 300% faster

The bigger rails project the slower development mode. If it annoys you go and try ActiveReload by Robert Pankowecki. If you don't believe just watch a video comparison -