Sep 10, 2011

Scalr - open source software that scales web infrastructure

Need to scale? Scalr might be for you.

Scalr is open source software that scales web infrastructure.

 It helps you create and manage super-scalable infrastructure that provisions and configures everything -from cache to database- to handle spikes in demand; then decommissions servers when load decreases to lower cost.

When to use
Project launch
When you're ready to launch, Scalr will provision all the resources from the Cloud for a smooth product launch, even if a million users sign up the first day.

High Growth
Scaling websites is hard and expensive. Using the power of Cloud Computing, Scalr automatically scales your website infrastructure: it scales your database, scales your app servers, and even adds and configures load balancing and caching servers!

Fault-tolerance, backups, uptime, and efficiency
Scalr provides you with a high uptime, fault-tolerant website: Scalr monitors all your servers for crashes, and replaces any that fail. It backups your data at regular intervals, and uses Amazon EBS for database storage. And to make sure you never pay more than you should, Scalr lowers costs by decommissioning servers when load subsides.

You can learn all about how Scalr scales your website, or how to use the API, at

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